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Ending homelessness faster by focusing on 'what works' (2017)

This feasibility study looks at the case for a new Centre for Homelessness Impact. The report is the culmination of a 6-month project and the Centre aims to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness by instigating a shift of resources to evidence-based solutions.

Key findings

  • Ending homelessness will not be easy. More truly affordable housing is needed and income from employment and benefits have to keep pace with housing costs, but we believe a Centre for Homelessness Impact is an essential part of the solution.
  • We carried out this feasibility study because we wanted to begin as we mean to continue - engaging with the widest possible range of views. We want the new Centre to exemplify a new style of collaboration between people and organisations because only by working in this way will we be able to achieve rapid progress.
  • We have been encouraged by the widespread support for our concept, and feel there’s a unique opportunity to make this vision a reality right now. We have a compelling idea, practitioner, commissioner, and policy-maker demand, and the need to do more with less.
  • This report is a clear vision of what the Centre for Homelessness Impact could be and how it could be transformative. The author and the project team have worked intensively for six months to analyse different options and we believe we have identified a proposal that is not just feasible, but could be truly transformative for homeless people with the right backing. We will continue to consult widely with the sector as we move forward to raise the funds needed and deliver an outcome that will benefit everyone.
  • This is a bold plan for the future of tackling homelessness in Scotland. We hope it meets your aspirations for people affected by homelessness and that you will fully support its realisation.


Teixeira, L. (2017) Ending homelessness faster by focusing on ‘what works’: Towards a world-leading centre for homelessness impact. London: Crisis.