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Rogue landlords: how we changed the law to force them out

Campaign win: new laws to stop rogue landlords exploiting people facing homelessness passed in Parliament

A new law to will help thousands of people facing homelessness in Britain has passed its final stage in Parliament, thanks to our Regulate the Rogues campaign.

The Supported Housing (Regulatory Oversight) Bill today (16 June 2023) passed its ‘third reading’ in the House of Lords without amendment. This means that it will soon be sent to the King to be signed into law - a process known as ‘Royal Assent’.

This Bill will transform the lives of thousands of people living in exempt accommodation. This is a type of shared housing for people with support needs.

It sets the rules and tools for forcing out rogue landlords and making sure residents get the safe home and support they need to thrive.

Most importantly, it will stop rogue landlords profiting while leaving people in unsafe, dangerous shared housing with little to no support. It’s a sign that if we campaign together, we can stop injustices like this.


We did this together

Together we’ve lobbied MPs, kept the pressure on politicians and exposed the worst rogue providers.

Thousands of people have spoken up to demand that the government act to protect people living in exempt accommodation run by rogue landlords. Now, we can claim victory.

This is a monumental win for everyone who wants to see an end to homelessness in Britain. It’s a reminder that taking action makes a difference.

Here’s a quick look at what has been accomplished, and how we got here.

What will the Act do?

The new laws will dramatically improve the lives of tens of thousands of people who have been forced to live with the misery of unregulated exempt accommodation.

This is a type of shared housing for people with particular support needs, such as a mental health condition or experience of homelessness or domestic abuse.

Landlords are supposed to provide support to help residents live independently and eventually move to a home of their own. There are many excellent providers who do this and make a hugely positive impact on people’s lives, including many of our campaign partners.

But until now, a lack of regulation has allowed an increasing number of rogue landlords to exploit the system for profit. Many leave residents in unsafe, dangerous shared housing with little or no support, despite charging high fees.

The Bill will give councils new powers to regulate this type of housing and provide more protection for people made homeless because they’ve left poor quality accommodation.

It will also lead to the creation of a new national advisory panel which will work with the Government to oversee change and improve standards.

You kept the pressure on politicians

While we worked with MP Bob Blackman, Joint Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ending Homelessness, to introduce the Bill into Parliament, you helped keep the pressure on politicians to back the Bill and expose the worst providers.

Thanks to your support, we took an open letter, signed by more than 5,000 people, to Westminster to call for action. MPs heard directly from Ian and Wayne, Crisis members who lived in properties run by rogue landlords.

When you came together to contact your MPs about this issue, numerous MPs from all parties spoke in Parliament in favour of the Bill.

And in the last couple of months, hundreds of you sent messages to Michael Gove from Richard, Sam and Hannah. Their stories showed the huge impact rogue landlords can have on people’s lives.

As a result of your support for the Regulate the Rogues campaign, this important Bill will shortly become law. This is an historic win and a reminder that when we work together, we can make real change.

What’s next?

This Bill won’t change things overnight. There will be a period of consultation to make sure the new regulations deliver the changes needed to get rid of rogue landlords, while also protecting the work of good providers and creating minimum standards.

But this is a significant step towards our goal of making sure everyone facing homelessness has access to the housing and support they need.

When we take action, we can make a real difference to the lives of people facing homelessness.

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