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Homelessness deaths Scotland 2022

Crisis reaction following new figures on homelessness deaths in Scotland 2022

Key stats:

- An estimated 244 people died while homeless in 2022 – at a similar level to 2021. Homeless deaths are at a higher level now compared to 2017, when these statistics were first calculated

- Almost half (49%) of homeless deaths were people aged under 45

- 73% of homeless deaths were male and 27% were female

- The most common age group for females was 35 to 44 and males was 45 to 54. A higher proportion of female homeless deaths are under 45, with 63%. For males, 44% of deaths were under 45


Matt Downie, chief executive of Crisis, said: “These figures are a national disgrace, but they are not at all surprising. Anyone familiar with the nature of homelessness knows the damage it does to people’s health. It exposes them to physical danger, and it damages their mental health.

“But the truth is that, as more people are forced into the homelessness system, more people will die homeless. And with the system now straining beyond local authorities’ ability to cope, we are seeing more people forced to sleep on the street, more families trapped for long periods in accommodation that’s totally unsuitable, and more people being told there is simply nowhere for them to go.

“We urgently need the Scottish Government to press on with plans to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place. New duties to prevent homelessness, if properly resourced, could allow people to get help before they reach crisis point, to help them avoid being forced from their homes.”


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