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Make History: Let's end homelessness

Let’s make this election the one where we decide to end homelessness

Women being able to vote. People being able to marry who they love. All things that once seemed impossible - until we decided, as a society, that things would be different. It’s time to do the same with homelessness. 

Let’s decide something now: all of us should have a safe and stable home. 

The failure of successive UK Governments has pushed homelessness to record levels. The general election is a huge opportunity for us to demand change and urge politicians to make ending homelessness a society-wide mission for the next decade. 

Make your voice count. Sign our open letter telling party leaders that winning our votes means a commitment to ending homelessness.


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Why politicians need to act

All of us should have a safe, secure and affordable home. It’s the foundation for everything else in our lives.  

But for decades now, successive governments have failed in their duty to take the critical steps needed to end homelessness, and to build enough social housing. The impact has been devastating.


26% more people

sleep rough than last year

89% more

households homeless in temporary accommodation
than ten years ago

177,487 social homes

lost in the past decade

Let’s make history this general election

Let’s make history. Just like the people that won votes for women or equal marriage, we’re coming together to demand that this general election is one where we decide to end homelessness.  
An end to freezing nights on the streets. An end to sleeping on a different friend’s sofa every week. An end to months stuck in temporary accommodation with no way out.  

We need the next UK Government to make ending homelessness a society-wide mission for the next decade and below is how they can do this. 

Manoel's story

We all need a safe and secure home. But like thousands of us, Manoel is currently homeless in unsuitable temporary accommodation and it’s impacting his mental and physical health. This is his story.


The reality of homelessness

Andrea's story

”Where I have got myself out of homelessness, I want to help people that aren’t able to do that; to give them the support I never had.''

Read Andrea's story now
George's story

“I was first helped by Crisis about 17 years ago. I was rough sleeping at the time. They got me into a hostel. From there I moved into a room in a house, and then about a year later, I started fundraising.”

Read George's story now