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Jasmine Basran

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Policy and Public Affairs Manager , Crisis

Jasmine has worked at Crisis since 2017. She recently completed a Double MSc in Public Policy and Human Development. Prior to Crisis Jasmine worked at Sense.

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New research published last week by Inside Housing has shown that between 2013/14 and 2017/18, English councils have spent £3.87 billion on temporary accommodation for homeless households.


An important part of making Universal Credit work to prevent homelessness is getting the support in Jobcentres right. Historically, Jobcentres have focused on how to help someone into work. But how can anyone reasonably focus on work when they’re worried about whether they can keep a roof over their head?


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Ensuring everyone has safe, stable housing creates a stronger society where homelessness has no p...


Over the weekend, the Government confirmed that they will be ending the freeze on benefits. A ran...


What the major political parties said on housing and homelessness during their party conferences and what it means for our Make History campaign.


A new government Bill seeks to criminalise people sleeping rough. Here’s why this presents a danger to people forced to sleep on the streets.