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Discover the ways your company can stand out by giving back during Black Friday

Want a more impactful Black Friday for your organisation? 

Starting to think about what this Black Friday looks like for your organisation this year and want to provide an impactful experience for your community at check out? Or has your organisation decided that Black Friday doesn’t work for your brand anymore and are looking for an alternative? 

Why not run an Anti-Black Friday campaign instead to take a stance against consumerism and supporting a good cause at the same time. 

Here are 6 simple ways to support Crisis this Black Friday  

  1. Host a campaign with POGO donate: If you don’t have time or capacity for a large amount of website development, you can still support Crisis through POGO. By partnering with POGO, your customers can access a discount code, which will enable them to access a discount a check out, offering a twist on your usual black Friday campaign, and after (excluding processing frees) enable a donation to Crisis.  
  2. Shop one - donate one: If you decide to host a Black Friday sale or not, why not donate for each item sold or where appropriate donate a like for like item that could benefit our Members. (If you would like to donate physical items, please get in touch with us at to check these are things our Members need). 
  3. Enable a discount at check out: Giving your customers the chance to donate a check out, providing them with the chance to make a big impact with their sale savings. If you have a Shopify site we can help you using simple integrations like  Virtue. Click here to access the Virtue on-boarding page.                                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Donate stock to Shops from Crisis: Our wonderful online shop raises funds to end homelessness by selling highly curated unique and pre-loved finds! If your organisations is looking for an impactful way to use your end of line clothing, fabric or homeware, get in touch to give these items a second life!  
  5. Redirect your website traffic to Crisis: If your organisation doesn’t want to run a black Friday promotion why not re-direct your website traffic to Crisis, so your customers can learn more about how we are ending homelessness and hopefully support our work!                                                   
  6. Buy a gift from Shops from Crisis: Browse our variety of new and second-hand items from shoes, clothing, plants to books and enjoy special discounts from Black Friday until Giving Tuesday. Ending homelessness has never been easier.  

Fashion brand and long time Crisis’ supporter Hush provide an excellent example of an alternative campaign with their “Giving Back” week.  Over the past six years the retailer found new creative ways to help end homelessness either by donating a percentage of sales, running sample sale events or donating one item for every item sold to Crisis Members (people experiencing homelessness) and retail arm Shops from Crisis.  Click here to read more about hush’s Anti-Black Friday Campaign. 

It would be fantastic to work with you to end homelessness this Black Friday! if you would like more information or have an idea of you own please get in touch so we can bring your plans to life –