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Performing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Recently, Crisis members worked on a special project with musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This project takes place each year at Crisis and culminates in a public performance at the Royal Festival Hall.

14 Crisis members participated in the project which ran over four days at the Skylight Centre. Some of our Philanthropy supporters were able to have a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their work:

 I was lucky to witness day four of the rehearsals. The performers were full of enthusiasm. Their commitment and concentration were matched only by the fun they were clearly having. 
The team from the London Philharmonic were generous in their support, and with their musical input. It was a joy and an inspiration to watch the team work together and gain confidence. They were so clearly enjoying themselves when creating the pieces, and when bringing their creations to life with their voices, instruments and with movement!

A spectacular performance

The group worked with workshop leader Fraser Trainer and with musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra to produce music inspired by the concert title, ‘War and Peace’.

The group responded to this theme through poetry, songs, and instrumental music. Drawing inspiration from their own experiences and interests, as well as the influences of established composers and poets, the members worked to produce a truly spectacular final performance.