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to support people facing homelessness

Raise awareness and funds, inspire people and cheer on our runners.

As a fundraising volunteer, you'll be supporting with a range of fun events and activities, interacting with other volunteers, staff and supporters, while raising money to end homelessness. You'll also be helping to raise awareness of homelessness in your local community and inspiring others to get involved.

We have opportunities volunteering with our community and events fundraising teams across the UK, in our London Head Office based fundraising team.

You could be helping with the following:

  • organising Crisis fundraising events such as the Crisis Icebreaker
  • using fun activities to give presentations to children and young people, and community groups in your local area
  • taking part in a local bucket collection
  • cheering supporters as they participate in challenge events such as the London Marathon and Tough Mudder
  • volunteering in a group to organise fundraising events in your local community
  • volunteering with our fundraisers in the office, supporting the administration of events and fundraising activity

We currently have two exciting opportunities to get involved with community engagement. In these roles you will have conversations for change in your community which can help our fundraising team build a network of Crisis supporters.

You can find role descriptions for our two Community Engagement roles here:

Community Engagement Volunteer Role Description

Lead Community Engagement Volunteer Role Description

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What will I get from volunteering?

Whether it’s a couple of hours per week or a couple of days a month, all our volunteers make a huge difference.

We’ll make sure that you’re supported with our friendly fundraisers and wonderful volunteering teams. As a volunteer you’ll get: 

  • a good feeling when you give a helping hand at a Crisis event
  • the buzz of getting to know other passionate, community minded people
  • the feel good factor when you inspire others to raise money
  • opportunities to learn about the causes of homelessness and how it can be ended
  • fundraising/event management/supporter engagement experience
  • the chance to build your work experience, teamwork, and self-confidence
  • a professional reference

Join our network of volunteers and be part of the change you want to see in your area. Take a look at our volunteering opportunities for more information.