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Shirley's 90th Birthday Skydive

When asked what experience she would like as gift for her 90th birthday -Shirley chose a Skydive!

Last month, our amazing supporter Shirley jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, on a beautiful spring day in May.

Through this amazing feat, she has raised an incredible fundraising total of over £4,400 on her online page alone, and over £2,000 in offline sponsorship.

With donations still coming in, Shirley's fundraising total continues to grow!


We asked if this was something that she'd always wanted to do, Shirley told us it wasn't - but it was something that she felt she could do. She explains her motivation to take on this courageous challenge for Crisis.

‘I would like to highlight the terrible housing issues for thousands of families and children in the UK which have not been addressed by successive Governments.

This terrifying experience will hopefully play a small part to help improve the situation whilst putting a smile on the faces of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  It will certainly give them something to remember me by and talk about in the future!’


Shirley described the feeling as 'Breathtaking, once the parachute opened it was absolute bliss'.



This extraordinary achievement has made the national news and her skydive has been seen across the world!

You can see a video of the skydive and hear Shirley talk about her the experience on the BBC news webpage:

Watch: Woman skydives for 90th birthday - BBC News

Thank you Shirley for bravely taking on this challenge in support of Crisis and people facing homelessness.